Julian Sojka

A week in Kosovo

In a mountainous Balkan terrain lies a region that the Serbs call Kosovo and Metohija, and the Albanians refer to it just as Kosovo.
One year ago, this country, which is the size of the Mazovia Province, declared its independence. The Kosovo Government officially declared itself separate from Serbia, which still considers Kosovo a part of its territory.
Visiting Kosovo last year, we saw joy. People treated us to food and invited us to drink beer with them. Streets were colourful with cars trimmed with Albanian and American flags.
A year has passed and you can see the flags again.  But the destroyed houses stand were they used to, and the Kosovo Government still faces problems of poverty, shortage of electricity and the world crisis.
The photo coverage shows the everyday life of this country after one year since the declaration of independence and after almost ten years since the end of warfare in this region.