Horus Archive

Sándor Kardos collection

Horus, the name chosen for the archive, is symbolic. In Egyptian hieroglyphic writing, the image of the eye of Horus stands for the figure “1”, while its details stand for fractions diminishing endlessly. All the smallest parts are images taken from an amateur film, while the entire picture gives a whole, something divine, a special interpretation of the small elements. The point is that I consider collecting itself an independent art, just like photography. “Great” photographers are able to spot things that are not noticed by those who participate in them. They record them, so, in that respect, they make a selection of life. Amateurs take a million photographs and a similar phenomenon may occur, i.e. a masterpiece may be born without the photographer or the people appearing in the picture being aware of it. From the point of view of selection, however, it does not matter whether the recognition of the content takes place before the exposure or later, perhaps even decades later.