City of Łódź Town

We invite you to the City of Łódź Town exhibition, displayed in Studio 102, at 88a, 6 Sierpnia Street. It will be available till the end of May, Monday to  Friday, between 10a.m. and 6p.m..
The exhibition is a harbinger of an album planned for June. The album has the same title as the exhibition and is edited by Studio 102. Both are parts of an amazing project which started in 2006 with the City of Łódź Town calendar. Since then, 4 calendars and one album have been published. It is worth mentioning that three calendars were awarded medals at the International Calendar Competition VIDICAL.

The idea was both simple and extraordinary – it involved calendars and albums which presented works of photographers. Those works were free from any commercial liabilities. The form of subsequent editions has changed a bit, but the main concepts have remained the same. The aim of the project is to create a kind of artistic documentary about Łódź, with the use of the high quality photographs taken by famed artists. The publications present artists’ subjective perception of our city. Editors do not mean to present idealised postcards but rather those images which stir imagination of the artists.
It does not matter that they occasionally record the ugliness of the city. What really matters is honesty of statement and its disinterestedness. Łódź changes and some places and atmosphere will be gone soon.

This year, the album will feature works of more than 30 artists. The exhibition at Studio 102 will present only a small part of the album, but we hope that it will whet your appetite for the upcoming edition.

Animators of the project:
Piotr Szczegłów – originator,
Jadwiga Makarewicz – graphic design,
Aleksandra Szadkowska and her Studio 102 – editor

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