Business in a lens – banking leaders

Anna Orzeszko, Piotr Jedwabny
(1st prize)
Michał Bojara (2nd prize)
Małgorzata Pytel
(special prize)

“Business in lens – banking leaders 2008” is an initiative which combines two worlds: business and photography. Its main goal is popularisation of art – art of management and art of portrait photography. The purpose of the project is to create a photo album composed of images depicting prominent managers of the financial sector that will break the stereotype of a businessman-banker who is perceived as an unreachable professional. All images have been taken by the most prominent young Polish photographers selected by a professional chapter during a contest. Apart from showing the familiar “professional” portrayal of those in charge,  the photographs are meant to present their more informal face, and to reveal individuals who have their own very casual or really extraordinary interests and passions.

Before the vernissage - at 5 p.m. - the Czeslaw Spiewa concert

“Business in lens” is a shared initiative of Deloitte advisory company, COMMITMENT TO EUROPE arts & business Foundation, and Harvard Business Review Polska.