Andrzej Różycki

Memorial to RIP Analogue Photography

Traditional photography ceased to exist already some time ago. This total and revolutionary transformation surprised all the photography artists, critics and researchers. They became impotent in the face of this phenomenon. An awkward silence followed. My homage to the analogue photography, as well as theoretical reflection and the need for artistic work, have all been part of me for many years now. Finally, they gave birth to the “Memorial…” project.
What is this exhibition which I call photosophic about? Loftily speaking, it is like a mourning ceremony over traditional photography. A rhapsody over irretrievably lost beauty, mystery and magic in one, which accompanied the process of developing an old photo. Reflecting upon the form of my homage, I knew that I would not able to eliminate a very important element – a fondness to those techniques, technologies, and to a darkroom above all. I was aware that I have to master this nostalgia, though. The challenge took me some time: how to turn fondness into strength?
I have focused on what should be important in historical reflection upon analogue photography, as well as in photosophical thinking. I have shifted my attention from photography itself to the instruments used in it. Those instruments become main protagonists of my photos. Most of the instruments in my images are cameras and boxes which were returned as useless and devaluated equipment stored in junk shops. A lot of them were gifts from friends who also changed their photographic technology.
An important factor for me was to keep my distance from the global retreat from old technique. I do not know if I should cry over such a state of things, sometimes I put on a mask of a jester.  (Andrzej Różycki)