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An open call has started for our industry top event. We invite 20 photographers to meet 20 experts from all over Europe in an unusual formula of portfolio review, which emphasizes networking, equality and the widest possible presentation of works and photographic institutions. All of that free of charge. Submit by May 12th.

DATE: 14-15.06.2024

1st day: Art_Inkubator, 3 Tymienieckiego St., Łódź  (open to public)
2nd day: Academic Design Center of Academy of Fine Arts, 13/15 Księży Młyn, Łódź


The Photo-Match model brings new life into the traditional formula of portfolio reviews by placing special emphasis on a series of open networking events and public presentations. Photo-Match is based on a democratic and inclusive model, free of charge, in which experts and artists have the same space for sharing and pitching their experience, work and motivations. 


[ 14th of June 11:00 AM. – 14:00 PM. CET ]
It’s a day dedicated to both photographers and experts to introduce themselves, their work and practice through short live presentations. This moment takes place not only for Photo-Match participants, but also for anyone from Fotofestiwal’s audience who wants to attend the event, therefore ensuring that artists and reviewers can widen their group of spectators.

Based on these introductions and their own impressions, each participant will choose the reviewers (in case of photographers) or the artists (in case of experts) with whom they would like to meet and share their work, through a matching process. By the end of this day each attendee will have 4 meetings scheduled for the next day.


[ 15th of June 15:00 PM – 18:00 PM CET ]
The real deal! All participants attend private meetings in accordance with the timetable generated based on choices made on the previous day. Every photographer and expert attends 4 meetings. For those who want, Photo-Match will finish with 1 open extra session, an opportunity to enjoy conversation and exchange ideas with someone with whom there was no previous match.


The application consists of:
1. An application form filled in (link available HERE). 
2. A preview of 10 photographs from the project you would like to present during the review, sent in a JPG or PNG format, preferably size of 1920 px length, in a separate email to until May 12th 2024, titled: PHOTO-MATCH APPLICATION FIRST NAME LAST NAME. Files should not exceed 10 MB in total.
3. There is no submission fee.


15.04.2024 – open call for artists’ submissions and announcement of the list of reviewers
12.05.2024 – deadline for artists’ submissions
18.05.2024 – announcement of the final list of artists
15.06.2024 – DAY TWO: MEETINGS


The list of reviewers below includes magazine editors, book publishers, photography festivals’ directors, museum curators, gallery owners, independent art consultants:

Adrian Wykrota, Founder and co-creator of the Pix.House foundation, Poznań, Poland
Alfio Tommasini, Co-founder and director of Verzasca Foto, Verzasca Valley, Switzerland
Burak Mert Çiloglugil, Director of Gate27, international creatives in residency program. Turkey 
Emmanuelle Halkin, Independent curator, member of Artistic Direction of Circulation(s), Paris, France
Fernanda Prado Verčič, Founder and director of Kranj Foto Fest, Kranj, Slovenia
Giuseppe Oliverio, PhMuseum Founding Director, Bologna, Italy
Ilaria Campioli, Curator of photography section Musei Civici, and Co-curator Giovane Fotografia Italiana, Premio Luigi Ghirri, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Joanna Kinowska, Curator and photography publications editor, Warsaw, Poland
Katarzyna Sagatowska, Curator, founder of Jednostka Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 
Kateryna Radchenko, Curator at Odesa Photo Days, Ukraine, Poland 
Katrin Trautner, Photo editor at GEO Magazine, Hamburg, Germany
Laia Casanova, Co-director of Panoràmic Festival, Castellbisbal, Spain and manager of  XARXAPROD – Xarxa d’espais de producció i creació de Catalunya
Nadine Isabelle Henrich, Curator of the House of Photography, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Germany
Peter Schreiner, Board member of FOTOHOF, Salzburg, Austria
Rahel Zander, Photo editor Stern and Stern Crime, Hamburg, Germany
Ravi Ghosh, Deputy editor at The British Journal of Photography, London, UK
Tereza Bonaventurová, Curator of Fotografic Gallery and Cultural columnist for Host Magazine, Prague, Czech Republic
Viola Hertelová, Editorial member and content creator for FOTO Magazine, Brno, Czech Republic
Valerie Loudon, Freelance curator and editor for photography, Vienna, Austria
Ula Tarasiewicz, Curator at Ogrodowa8 Gallery, Lodz, Poland

This list may be updated in the coming weeks.