Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland

Parties at Fotofestiwal

This year’s music program of Fotofestiwal includes line-up from international club scene, such as Lua Preta, BirdzZie or the Ohxala duo, slideshows and Karma She’s performance, and a new location – the former wool dyeing plant Biedermann’s Factory. We are also coming back after a break to the unique Willa in Poniatowskiego Park and we cannot forget DJ set Disko Zakvas, i.e. a collective of fotofestival curators and producers.

15.06 Fotofestiwal Opening, Art_Inkubator

AVTOMAT – openly queer composer, producer, DJ and vocalist, graphic designer, typographer and 3D illustrator, proud member of the Ciężki Brokat crew,, Polish ambassador for Keychange and SHAPE Platform 2021 resident. He presented his music during numerous festivals (Unsound, CTM, Schiev, Up To Date, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Les Siestes Electroniques, Audioriver) and an assortment of clubs (including the legendary Berghain) in Poland and abroad (Berlin, London, Prague, Oslo, Copenhagen, Ljubljana). He remixed tracks by Kamp and Baasch, recorded mixes for Resident Advisor, DJ Mag and CRACK.

LUA PRETA is a collaboration of Ms. Gia, a vocalist and MC of Angolan descent, and Mentalcut, a Polish DJ and producer. As a duo, they create a mixture of futuristic electronic music and African genres such as kuduro and afro house. Their fresh and unique sounds have led them to a round of live appearances on some of the largest festivals in Europe.

Agnieszka Obszańska – a cultural journalist. In 2007-2020, she was a part of Polskie Radio Program III, also known as “Trójka”. She is a reporter and author of radio shows such as “Teren Kultura”, a daily program about cultural events in Poland and around the world, and one of the authors of the “Radiowy Dom Kultury” broadcast. After leaving “Trójka”, in 2021, she began to host two original shows called “Obszary” and “Fikando” in Radio 357, which revolve around cultural topics and electronic club music. She is also interested in sound design, creating podcasts, installations and radio plays based on her own field recordings.

16.06 Fotofestiwal in Biedermann’s Factory

Performance i DJ set by Karma She

KARMA SHE (KlubKid Records) is a forward thinking witch who creates mystical booty beats spiced with middle eastern flavors and seductive vocals, transcending the dancefloor into her psychedelic universe as an extra-sensorial musical experience. SHE is a DJ / Producer / Performer who draws inspiration from her middle eastern roots and Berlin’s queer dance floors. Her magic unfolds in a highly energetic hybrid live set that combines groovy beats and live vocals into a belly dance pop performance. Her mission is to light up unapologetic femm-forward flames with her liberating energy to keep your hips whining and your spirit shining. KARMA SHE is from Jerusalem, now based between Berlin and Alentejo, co-founder of Free My Fairy, a conscious nature rave collective.

Hyper_matter / JD Kolizja is a multimedia and graphic artist, as well as a DJ. Her club sets are a highly energetic fusion of intense stimuli which break the barriers of genre. Fast tempo, futuristic percussion, exotic drums, and deep bases are all characteristic elements to her tracks.

17.06 22. Fotofestiwal’s Birthady Party at Willa

BirdZzie – Producer and beatmaker, BirdzZie is an “alentejano” with a global soul set to the beats of the most varied corners of the world. In his music he tries to integrate his oldest references (regional and traditional), crossing them with his more contemporary influences (experimental and electronic). With releases by the labels VOODOOHOP, Tropical Twista Records, Shika Shika, Salgari Records he’s part of the international Downtempo and Slowhouse circuit and has performed in more than 10 countries between Latin America and Europe, and festivals such as Fusion Festival, Universo Paralello, Komēta and Goulash Disko, Avante, Milhões, and MIL, among others.

Ohxalá is the musical project of Maria & Luis, two musicians who originated in Porto, but whose music has origins down the Amazon, across Africa, and in folk sounds closer to their own native Portugal. In mixing these carefully curated field recordings with electronic basslines, Ohxalá’s music brings ritual back into the party, and collects a tribe from the crowd.

Łukasz Jędrzejczak and Jakub Ziołek – musicians known from such bands as T’ien Lai, ||ALA|MEDA||, Jantar and Javva invite You to join their party during Fotofestiwal 2023. Artists will present their unique selection of club music from around the world, focusing on African and Latin-American influences. For a few hours we will travel to beaches and favelas of Rio de Janeiro, suburbs of Lisbon and crowded agglomerations of Durban and Kampala. We will dance to funk carioca, afro-house, kuduro, amapiano and gqom. There will be also faster BPMs of footwork and singeli. It will be a sunny, energetic and positive dancing trip!

24.06 Disko Zakvas dance party, Niebostan

A unique DJ collective comprising curators, producers and all sorts of cultural event specialists. For such all-rounders, stepping into the boots of DJs was only a matter of time, and once they jumped on board, they just can’t quit. This year, they opened the Triennale of Photography in Hamburg, and they’re already getting calls from the organisers of a certain legendary parade… As befits the age of 30+ and representatives of their cultural bubble, they are attracted to the world music, sounds of the 1980’s and conservative techno. What distinguishes them are their colourful outfits and the fact that they keep discovering new functions of the buttons on their DJ mixer. This makes the parties even more unpredictable, and the music carries us until the morning.

24.06 17:00 Chillin in Art_Inkubator

DJ Embargo is Lodz’s local seeker of tropical music. His signature themes include strongly dance-inducing rhythms, loony tunes that are subordinate to the bounce, funny sounds and unrepeatably peculiar vocals. He heals the chronically devoid of sun people of the northern hemisphere with select, usually old-school tracks from South America, Africa, Southern Europe and Southern Asia. Ever since he was a child, DJ Embargo has been searching for music and still remains unsatisfied. He continues to reach deeper and deeper, travelling the world, getting to where the  jungle ends, crossing seas and deserts, peeking inside the volcanoes. He believes that records can be found even inside the flying saucers and he prays for an opportunity to get them. He can imagine what these records could sound like. It came to him in a dream, but in fact he is not sure if it was a dream at all.