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exhibition opening
Exhibition opening: Mariia Snisarenko, #trashcanonthezarzew / IN VINO VERITAS

Exhibition opening: Mariia Snisarenko, #trashcanonthezarzew / IN VINO VERITAS

04.06 19:00
Klubokawiarnia Kipisz, Piotrkowska 282

When the world began to burn, and police cars circled between the blockhouses, announcing “stay at home, stay at home!”, the only attraction of the outside world was taking out the rubbish. What a strange pleasure to see what people, sometimes, throw out to the trash. You can observe the fashion that was years ago. The old, identical, modular furniture from the Polish People’s Republic’s times is taken out to the trash and replaced with new ones modular, identical furniture from IKEA. Old climatic mirrors put out to replace them with new ones. Replacing wooden windows with plastic ones. Discarded non-flat TVs. Things that are valuable for someone are nothing for others. There are those lonely windows and mirrors waiting for the truck to come up and take them away. And If you will be attentive you will see that there is a pandemic world reflected on their surfaces.  And sometimes, people passing by.  And I am, like a local madwoman, catches my reflection on these surfaces by my camera.


What is the most important thing in life? Maybe these personal moments, warm memories, sentiments, passion. Passion sometimes becomes the meaning of our lives and keeps us close to it. Grandpa Albert is an engineer in past, 88 years old, and he has cancer. Every time he gets a seizure and is chained to the bed, he says he will have to get up soon because he will have to harvest the grape. It is necessary to save all the vitamins from that grapes in the magic medicine that is wine. And he does it, he fights cancer to do everything himself, from planting and caring for grapevines to picking grapes, pressing, fermenting, bottling and pouring wine when the family gatherings. Many years of experiments with taste, aroma, selection of natural ingredients growing under the warm Black Sea sun of southern Ukraine – it is not just wine. It is bottled love. Love for experiments, for nature, for loved ones. A series of photos showing the intimate part of Albert’s life, initiation in his laboratory, where even family members are not allowed in because this room is his soul. It is the passion that kept him alive for the last 30 years.