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Brunch with photobooks

Brunch with photobooks

13.06 11:00
Art_Inkubator, Tymienieckiego 3

All this festival hustle and bustle might be slightly overwhelming. For this precise reason, we’ve arranged a shared peaceful brunch for you, our artists and photobooks’ authors. Following authors, editors and publishers will present their work:

Parallel Atlas, 3rd cycle


Nuno Salgado (, who will talk about the unique exhibition catalogs created as part of the international Parallel platform, including the publications that accompany the Parallel Review exhibitions presented in the second festival center.

More about the platform:

Obrady jury Fotograficznej Publikacji Roku, Służewski Dom Kultury


Authors of the winning and distinguished publications in the Photographic Publication of the Year 2020 and 2021 competition. The meeting will be hosted by Joanna Kinowska (Służewski Dom Kultury, Miejsce Fotografii blogspot) and Franek Ammer (Fotofestiwal). More about the competition

Michał Sita, Historia Polski
, zeszyt ćwiczeń vol. 1


Michał Sita, who will launch his zine “Historia Polski, zeszyt ćwiczeń vol.1”. This first publication in the announced series tells about the reconstruction of selected events in Polish history – from the beginnings of Christianity, through the defense of Jasna Góra, to the episodes of World War II, which all take place in small city called Murowana Goślina.

How to Look Natural in Photos


Łukasz Rusznica (Galeria Miejsce przy Miejscu), who will present this year’s “How to Look Natural in Photos” – a book about a totalitarian system that engages photography for its purposes. Being a reflection on the mechanism and relations of seeing and photographing, being an observer and being observed, describing and describing.

Silvia Pogoda, Butterflies


Silvia Pogoda with her first long-awaited author’s book “Butterflies”, in which she guides recipients through the stages of experiencing and perceiving the life cycle – youth, maturity, old age. For this purpose, he uses undefined photographs, which he arranges in a sequence of the circle of life and death. The photographs are accompanied by short texts, conceived by the author as leads for viewers, in which the author shares her thoughts and emotions.


WJF vol.2


Kasia Sagatowska i Monika Szewczyk Wittek will launch the second volume of the collection of texts devoted to photography, “We are all Photographers, VOL. 2 “. The book is another summary of the meetings that have been held since 2014 as part of the We Are All Photographers series. The first volume was released at the end of 2019 and was enthusiastically received by the public and critics.



Graduates of the Sputnik Photos Mentoring Program will present the book “No9”. These are 18 stories created during a pandemic. You will find there both intimate home narratives, projects relating to esotericism, acitivism, problems of specific social groups and ones that are analyzing the landscape changing under the influence of man. Projects created in the breakthrough of 2020 give an insight into this unique and ambivalent time.