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exhibition opening
Exhibition opening: PARALLEL REVIEW

Exhibition opening: PARALLEL REVIEW

11.06 20:00
OFF Piotrkowska, Piotrkowska 138/140

Fluid in its nature and purpose, contemporary photography remains an ever-evolving discipline of discovery and exploration, walking along the lines of definitions. The artists, curators and members of PARALLEL fully embrace this challenge – their hybrid approach to the core elements of photography, light and time, challenges us to take part in redefining the artistic, cultural and social value of contemporary photography.

PARALLEL aims to establish an extensive and effective exhibition platform for European new artists and curators and promote a fluent and functional link between them and exhibitors (museums, galleries and festivals). Created in 2017, PARALLEL brings together 17 creative European organisations from 16 countries, committed to fostering cross-cultural exchanges and mentorships in order to set new standards in contemporary photography. The large and diverse nature of this network ensures a wide geographical spread and a fertile ground for fostering new dialogues, sparking fresh ideas and helping to boost creativity. The work process is implemented as a two-phase process: Creative Guidance: selection, tutoring, peer learning and curatorship for new creators; Exhibition Platform: a wide exhibition network engaging exhibitors, universities and art schools.

This year the REVIEW presents 6 exhibitions produced in the framework of the third cycle of PARALLEL in 2020. Each exhibition was designed and produced separately in 6 European cities where the members are based (Lisbon, Łódź, Maribor, Modena, Odesa and Zagreb), but due to the COVID-19 pandemic that had us all staying home and transforming everything their venue” is now the internet, so, each curator developed first one website that is their blank wall, their gallery. At the festival, we present all 6 exhibitions in physical form for the first time.

PARALLEL is supported by the Creative Europe Program, designed and lead by, a Lisbon based cultural association.

Broken Secrets
Curated by Javiera Bedini
Artists: Georgs Avetisjans, Yuxin Jiang, George Selley, Negar Yaghmaian 

To See Our Common/Place
Curated by Eszter Erdosi
Artists: Domonkos Varga, Gustavo Balbela, Indrė Urbonaitė, Johanna Karjalainen, Shelli Weiler

Notes on Space
Curated by Tytus Szabelski
Artists: Gustavo Balbela, David Barreiro, Caroline Kolkman, Carola Lampe, Sara Perovic

The Future Is (Not) Guilty
Curated by Yuliya Ruzhechka
Artists: Carola Lampe, Søren Lilholt, George Selley, Margherita Muriti, Joachim Bøgedal

Curated by Mafalda Duarte Barrela
Artists: Anna Siggelkow, Indrė Urbonaitė, Joshua Tarplin, Margherita Muriti, Sara Wu, Shelli Weiler, Theo Ellison

Some-Bodies; Narratives around the Other Body
Curated by Zohreh Deldadeh
Artists: Anka Gregorczyk, Elsa Gregersdotter, Joshua Tarplin, Yushi Li, Yuxin Jiang