Yolanda del Amo

born in 1967, Madrid
lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA

Archipelago (2004-ongoing)

The project Archipelago (2004 to present) shows itself like every archipelago: a collection of islands separated by the loneliness of each one and connected by the intimate bond of belonging to the same world.
Every island is inhabited by a few people, portrayed by combining multiple points of view. I am interested in each one as an individual; the figures appear with unique attitudes, gestures, and postures, without being directly affected by the surroundings. But each individuality shares space with other individualities and the relationship between them defines itself through the landscape, interior or exterior, where they meet.
Beyond the narrative suggested by the interaction between different figures in a frame, the islands of Archipelago portray social constructions. The photographs explore how race, ethnicity, class, age, and gender inform the different meanings of the place.

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