Tomasz Mażewski

born in 1964 in Łódź, Poland


In his recent project, Tomasz Mażewski employed a rarely used lenticular technology (using the so called lenticular film). It introduces an illusion of depth and motion to a flat and static image. Abstract photos by Mażewski can be read, as their title suggests, as an artistic visualisation of the biblical tale of genesis (Hexaemeron – Greek hexa hemeron – six days; in bliblical exegesis, it was the name of world genesis description, written in the Book of Genesis, in which God created the universe in six days). When dealing with Mażewski’s art, it is difficult to decide whether the amorphous light-and-energy forms go towards condensation and differentiation of significant forms, or, on the contrary, they visualise dissolution, chaos and entrophy.

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