As usual, after each intensive and inspiring day of the Main Weekend, we encourage you to relax a bit and have fun in Łódź clubs – join our festival party in Bagdad Cafe and Kokoo.

7th of May at 10.30 PM
Kokoo, Moniuszki 1

Resident of the night: DJ colective Kukabara Soundsystem
They are organizers of the WE HAVE SOUND FESTIVAL, the monthly disco dedictaded partys called THE DISCO, the famous KUKABARA NIGHT which promotes new electronic sounds (nu disco nu rave, fidget house etc.) and DANCING IN.. parties which are held in various and unepxpected locations all over Poznań. Besides being residents on those events, they are also producing music and starting they own bootnet label called THE VERY POLISH CUT-OUTS which will be dedicated to polish music edits.

8th of May at 10.30 PM
Bagdad Cafe, Jaracza 45

Residents of the night: DJ P.lux & DJ Punk Discorporation

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