Thank you very much for all applications.

Projects qualified for Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2011 “OUT OF SPACE”

1.    Agata Witkowska, “Niewidzialni”, Poland
2.    Alfonso Alemndros Jaen, “Family reflections”, Spain/Finland
3.    Ivan Mikhaylov, “Playground”, Russia
4.    Jérémie Souteyrat, “Tokyo houses”, Japan
5.    Leon Foggitt, “Couples’”, England
6.    Markus Henttonen, “Night Time Stories”, Finland
7.    Miloushka Bokma, “oMama oPapa”, The Netherlands
8.    Pascale Peyret, “Green Memory”, France
9.    Rebecca Dagnall, “Paradaise in Suburbia”
10.  The Milena principle & Stefaan van Biesen, “Geist”, Belgium
11.  Evgen Zaluzhny, “Last appeal”, Belarus

Project qualified for Main Programme – OUT OF LIFE

1.    Anastasia Tailakova, “In Vain”, Russia
2.    Daria Tuminas, “Ivan and the Moon”, Russia
3.    Gábor Kasza, “Y”, Hungary
4.    Kai-Uwe Gundlach, “Shibuya”, Germany

The final list of projects presented within OUT OF LIFE will be announced in January.

Thank you very much for all aplication and congratulations.

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