National Geographic

Great Openair National Geographic Photography Exhibition

Port Łódź, Pabianicka 245

Photographs by such masters as: Steve McCurry, Sam Abell, Jodi Cobb, David Doubilet, Chris Johns, Frans Lanting, James Stanfield, Tomasz Tomaszewski, and the photographers who cooperate with the Polish edition of the magazine, e.g. Jacenty Dędek, Piotr Skórnicki and Maciej Fiszer. The photographs come from the impressive photo archive of the National Geographic Society. Some of them have never been published, others come from the following albums: KONTYNENTY W OBIEKTYWIE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, LUDZIE W OBIEKTYWIE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and POLSKA W OBIEKTYWIE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Some photographs have been published in National Geographic or its Polish edition.

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