Marek Domański

born in 1968 in Niemodlin, lives in Łódź, Poland

2nd Revelation – Psychopompos (2009/2010)

These photos present objects which I find or build and then arrange in a studio. Constructing a plan, I freely play with symbols and meanings which pop up in my memory. I fit one with another, creating new symbols on a film. I link parallel spaces, and build worlds which exist only in photos. In the my method of arrangement, photography constitutes items and spaces.

Looking for inspiration for my works, I refer to the most universal roots of our culture: myths, Kaballahs, alchemy and other messages. Their contents are often semi-conscious and transferred from generation to generation in the form of different traditions, defining our community and the core of my message. Put together in a new form, they can once again become a foundation of the reconstructed identity.

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