Magda Buczek

born in 1979 in Cieszyn, lives in Warsaw, Poland

Justina is (2010)

film and photo installation.

Her name is Justina/Justyś/Dżastina. She lives in London and works as a dancer and performer in gay clubs. Most of all, though, she is a diva and a contemporary embodiment of Lulu. She is also my cousin. The elements of this project create a kind of a journal, letters from a journey which Justina has been sending me for years. Pieces of information, sent over via SMS, e-mails, postcards and Facebook create an exotic picture of London and Ibiza night life. Justina’s accounts, photos and video material are a testimony to our friendship and, above all, her extraordinary vital energy, eroticism and glamour against the hardships of life.

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