Łukasz Skąpski

born in 1958, Katowice, Poland
lives in Kraków in Poland

The Lounge Suite (2009)

The Lounge suite project is an attempt to show current interior design of Polish houses.
The idea of showing interiors is a natural way of extending my former project Domopolo [a neologism based on the name of kitschy music popular in Poland in the 1990s – disco polo], which consisted in photographing recent Polish rural housing trends.
Having an intention to take photographs of rural interiors, I couldn’t pretend that I hadn’t known The Sociological Series by Zofia Rydet, so I intentionally decided to use it as an inspiration. As Rydet took most of her photographs in Podhale, I began my project there, too.
I didn’t suppose that traditional ‘white rooms’ (presentable rooms) still existed in cottages; I was rather interested in what replaced them. I imagined that some kind of a salon or a living room would be a standard, but it turns out that even trying to name such a place in Polish was quite problematic. That’s why I called the project The Lounge Suite. It is meant to refer to the common name of a set of furniture consisting of a sofa, armchairs and footstools that are usually placed in a living room. I liked the ambiguity of this term that defines the set of furniture and also its general purpose, which is leisure.
The Lounge Suite is a selection of 30 pictures presenting people inside their homes. I wanted my models to pose in the rooms they created, furnished and decorated. The lighting and the way of framing refers to Zofia Rydet’s Sociological Series.

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