Juliana Krizova & Jakub Vlcek

Juliana Krizova

born in 1986 in Prague, the Czech Republic, where she currently lives

Jakub Vlcek

born in 1982, Prague, the Czech Republic, where he currently lives

Transcendence (2009)

By the term ‘transcendence’, we try to express the transition of the human soul which its personality has to undergo. The theme we are touching here is certain self-satisfaction or self-fulfillment the humans are craving for. However, it is very difficult to reach.
The way out of the uncertainty might be transcendence, which we understand as turning a human towards the all-inclusive reality we may call nature, being or god. The reality that goes beyond our experience.
Individual surroundings show different types of consciousnesses, through which a human has to go in the process of ‘self transcendence’, no matter whether it is the inner consciousness or anything of a more global character. It is mainly a matter of asking questions, rather than the will to find answers.

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