Igor Oleś

born in 1989 in Cracow, Poland, where he currently lives


Car park (2009 – 2010)

A series of negative pinhole photographs taken at the car park in front of Spółdzielczy Dom Handlowy Central (a department store) in Łódź.
The idea behind this series was to create numerous landscapes next to one wall at an ordinary car park, with the use of daily use objects (i.e. milk, sugar, water, red pepper, washing-up liquid, earth, sand).
I constructed this pinhole camera on my own. Thanks to its wide angle of view and small pinhole, I managed to obtain great depth of focus, which, together with my previous experience and observations, let me achieve the desired effect.

5.05 / wednesday, 19.00
Bagdad Cafe, Jaracza 45

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