Fred Huening

born in 1966
lives in Berlin, Germany

einer (the one) (2006/2007)
‘And your love´s like an overdose / with your hands wrapped around my throat / using sex like an antidote to the pain.’
(brett anderson / suede)

Pictures of my work einer/the one tell the story of love. Also of the wish for a child together and of a mother´s permanent fear – on the basis of her own previous experiences – of losing this planned child again. Eventually, the story of a painful 30-hour birth of a healthy child. Those particular pictures were chosen for this very personal Passion Story. They are either ambiguous and/or represent hidden religious symbolism. The repetitive motive of carcasses on the side of the road is a symbol of one´s own mortality – a modern Memento Mori.
Love, sex and death, beauty and transience, lust and suffering are the centre of my photographic interests.
The abovementioned quotation introduces the series and comprises everything I want to express with my pictures.

Enno Kaufhold from PHOTONEWS:

Fred Huening`s series seems like an essay. Its title the one (9/40) means 9 months/40 weeks respectively, so exactly the time in which a human being arises. It tells his partner´s fear to go through a stillbirth again. Dealing with creatures is his theme, pondering the thin line between life and death. His pictures – provoking immediate associations – follow certain aspects of partnership such as eroticism. He also shows carcasses – probably the symbols of mortality – in order to tell us in the end of the painful, but happy birth of a healthy child. The ambiguity of his pictures touches us and encourages thoughtfulness.

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