Eternity Group - Fashion & Circus

Bloody Valentines

photography: Paweł Denkowicz (Eternity Group - F&C)
concept / stylisation: Patrycja Miszkiewicz (Eternity Group - F&C)
make-up: Matylda Wałęsa (Eternity Group - F&C)
models: Patrycja i Maciek (Eternity Group - F&C)
production: Eternity Group - F&C - Kamil Lemieszewski

Heart is a treasure which cannot be sold or bought, but which is given / Gustave Flaubert/

Tastefully sinful My Bloody Valentine series by photographer Paweł Denkowicz and stylist Patrycja Miszkiewicz – an artistic part of Eternity Group – Fashion & Circus – consists of 7 photos. The series deals with love in general and with a problem of total devotion of oneself. Through his photos, the author asks about the place of love in the present world, which seems to aim towards obsessive adoration of youthful sexuality. Contrast of innocent white with bright red forces us to think about the present world, full of violence, hypocrisy and consumptionism. We encourage you to see the series.

5.05 / wednesday, 18.00
Eternity Group, Sienkiewicza 65

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