Andrzej Wasilewski

born in 1975 in Toruń, Poland

PIN-UPS (2010)
instalation, video, object

The pin-ups project refers to denial of unpleasant elements in images, so characteristic for the language of advertising. Removing negative cold colours makes images seem positive and pleasant at first, while the reality is different. Beautiful and sweet pin-up girls, contrasted with decaying fruit and bones in a slaughterhouse do not evoke disgust. Positive message is coded, as in subconscious signals that we normally note on the edge of perception. However, at a closer look, we can notice tasteless landscapes filled with decay processes and the aftermath of cruelty. A pile of bones, carefully washed by Marina Abramović, covered with fragments of blood and torn meat, has very clear connotations in our consciousness. What is more, the process of decay, observed through a cold lens of a camera, quoted directly from Peter Greenaway’s A Zed & Two Noughts reminds of a warranty period of a biological sack known as life. The pin-ups looks as if it was glued with apparently appetising glop of aesthetic fetish. Characteristic glamour stylisation, taken from fetish movies, pin-up girls posters and advertisements smells really badly underneath. Shining and attractive glitter is mixed with an odour of decay.

21.05 / friday, 18.00
Zona sztuki aktualnej, Tymienieckiego 3

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