Agnieszka Furtak

born in 1980 r. in Puławy, lives in Łódź, Poland

Overexposed (2009)

The series is based on self-portraits that refer to the relationship between a man and a woman. It is focused on interaction, or emotions oscillating between the positive and negative, good and bad. Some photographs reveal passion, attachment, longing, some show addiction, the sense of imprisonment, emptiness… The technology employed in the work (backlit boxes, pretending 3D images) is meant to refer to the theme in a symbolic way. Multiple layers and the way in which they are overexposed refer to a variety of relations between a woman and a man. The way in which the works are created makes every single layer perceptible (to a smaller or larger extent), and at the same time contributing to integrating the whole image – just like it happens in a relationship.

8.05 / saturday, 19.30
cafe foto 102, Piotrkowska 102

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