Roma Roman & Bartłomiej Zaranek

Roma Roman
born in 1976 in Warsaw, Poland

Bartłomiej Zaranek
born in 1971 in Warsaw, Poland

Fifi (2008)

A project entitled Fifi is composed of 19 large-format high-quality photos. They depict Fifi, a character-medium which symbolises the dynamic nature of subconsciousness, a battleground of opposite drives and desires. Surrealising, dream-like aesthetics of works tones in their existential meaning: continuous questions about identity and an effort to combine its different elements into a coherent whole which can be verbalised. The fairy-tale-like quality of these photographs once again proves that this, seemingly trivial, form is perfect for presentation of one of the favourite discussion themes of post-modern culture theoreticians, i.e. dynamism of self-identification. It is the first common project by this artistic duo.

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