Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland Save the date! 13-23.06.2024, Łódź, Poland

Where the festival is still going on

The 22nd edition of Fotofestiwal is behind us – we would like to thank all the visitors, guests and partners who came. Many exhibitions from the City Program are still waiting for latecomers, inquisitive viewers and those who like to see the exhibitions once again.

Those who missed the screening of All That Beauty and Blood, the award-winning documentary about the life and career of artist and activist Nan Goldin, are also invited to select cinemas nationwide. Festival partner Docs Against Gravity has brought the film into official distribution on 16.06.

Below you will find a list of exhibitions still on view in Lodz:

Grzegorz Przyborek, “Silence”
Miejska Galeria Sztuki w Łodzi – Ośrodek Propagandy Sztuki, ul. H. Sienkiewicza 44,
until 13.08.2023
Mon, closed
Tue-Fri, 11:00-18:00
Sat-Sun, 11:00-17:00
curator: Dominika Pawełczyk

The exhibition “Silence” („Cisza”) is a comprehensive presentation of Grzegorz Przyborek’s artistic oeuvre, a praise of mindfulness and focus on the present moment. The exhibition outlines the path the author took to find his own language in art, and it was a journey leading from printmaking, through photographic exploration of the existing reality, pushing the boundaries of documentarism, involving photography in the creative process itself – sympathizing with assemblage, up to staging in the broad sense. The artist’s extensive body of work represents a rare combination of skills originating from different areas of visual arts. In addition to photographs from the most important series from the author’s nearly 50 years of creative work, we present selected drawings, prints, objects constructed for the camera frame, as well as independent installations.

Chris Niedenthal, „NIEDENTHAL”
Muzeum Miasta Łodzi, Ogrodowa 15

until 17.12.2023
Mon, closed
Tue-Thu, 9:00-17:00
Fri-Sun, 11:00-19:00
curators: Anna Brzezińska and Katarzyna Puchalska

A cross-sectional exhibition of photographs by prominent photographer Chris Niedenthal, summarizing his 50 years as a photojournalist. The Museum of the City of Lodz will present the next installment of the exhibition, which showcased more than 200 photos selected by Anna Brzezinska and Katarzyna Puchalska from the author’s archive of hundreds of thousands of photos in 2022 at the History Meeting House in Warsaw.

Marek Domański i Tomek Ferenc, “Riverscape. 19 invisible rivers
Galeria Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego Wozownia ⅕
until 01.09
Sun-Wed, closed
Thu-Fri, 15:00-19:00
Sat, 12:00-18:00

The awareness of the fact that 19 rivers of Lodz are still flowing and that we cross them every day when going over bridges or moving over canals, is not obvious to the residents of our city. However, its restoration is an elementary condition for the necessary change. The RIVERSCAPE project is part of the ‘blue humanities’ trend, which draws attention to the need for a material and discursive experience of water. There is a real need / necessity to restore the subjectivity of the rivers flowing through our city. This is only possible by restoring our awareness of the presence and the role of rivers historically, as well as revealing their life-giving potential.

“No11 | Sputnik Photos Mentorship Program
Galeria Ogrodowa 8, ul. Ogrodowa 8
artists: Dominika Muszyńska, Roman Koziel, Artur Pławski, Kinga Szołtysek, Karol Toruński, Hleb Burnasheu, Magdalena Klyta, Zofia Puszcz, Dorota Raczyńska, Katerina Kouzmitcheva
until 15.08.2023
Wed-Sun 14.00-18.00
curator: Michał Łuczak

“No.11” is a summary of the next photographic masterclass edition called the Sputnik Photos Mentorship Program. Presented at the Ogrodowa 8 Gallery, the exhibition consists of 10 original realizations, which were created under the guidance of mentors and mentees. Kinga Szoltysek, Dominika Muszyńska, Hleb Burnasheu and Karol Torunski tackle the subject of their own family in formally different ways; Artur Plawski and Roman Koziel document places subjected to constant change by man; Zofia Puszcz and Magdalena Klyta look at childhood and adolescence; Dorota Raczynska reconstructs the mysterious phenomena associated with the Stone Circles; Katerina Kuzmitcheva starts from proverbs from different cultures to ask us questions about waning social commitment.

Andrzej Dudek-Dürer. “Andrzej Dudek-Dürer. On a never ending road…? Photography and graphics from 1969-2020”
Galeria Patio AHE, ul. Sterlinga 26, 
until 31.07.23, everyday 10:00 – 17:00
curator: Krzysztof Jurecki

The exhibition focuses on the issue of the road and wandering and the presentation of individual reflections on time, change and passing, including the answer to the basic question – what will happen at the end of this journey? Works created from the 1970s of XXth century to the present will be shown. Looking at the artist’ss works, a question arises: if is liberation from the circle of life and death possible? Andrzej Dudek-Dürer’s graphic and photographic work concerns on his life, his artistic friendships, real and mental journeys. An important problem is reincarnation and the process of physical transformation, also of every matter that the artist comes into contact with and which he subjects to alchemical transformation.