29.05.2019 Workshops, parties, films and… barbeque!

It’s time for less static parts of the program. Our legs are moving at the very thought of them.

At the beginning something for the most frisky. You can now sign in your kids to the workshops. The Fotofestiwal KIDS program will include creative activities in exhibition spaces, urban games and workshops on photographic techniques such as cyanotype, heliography and photography of light.

This year, we will invite you to the Educational Zone in Art_Inkubator for the second time. This is a multimedia exhibition co-created with the University of Lodz and the Common Area, expanding the main program of the festival, reading books and a place of relaxation and discussion on topics related to philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics, distant cultures and spiritual practices. The Zone program will include lecture Why do we want to believe in the impossible? by Marcin Napiórkowski, Diet and cultural taboos among Ashaninka Indians, dr Monika Kujawska from UŁ or Unexplained as an entertainment and business sector, by prof. Ewa Nowint-Sroczyńska. The part of the Zone will also include podcasts and presentation of the results of the research work of the University of Lodz employees on the archives of Zofia Rydet.

The film program will feature two documentary titles about photography. The first of them is the already recognized Shooting the mafia directed by Kim Longinotto about Letizia Battaglia – a revolutionary photographer, feminist and political activist who first captured mafia-controlled Sicily. The show will be preceded by the introduction of Veronica Daltri on the history of Italian reporter photography. The second item on the list is the premiere of a documentary about Zofia Rydet’s life and work: Papierki z cukierków … directed by Czyżewski and Gołąb.

The film program will also expand the threads taken up during the Supernatural program. We will remind the films by Polish visual artists: Photon by Normana Leto and Looking for Jesus by Katarzyna Kozyra. The screenings will be crowned with a unique show of the film Mold, prepared especially for the festival, with a satirical live commentary by the director. A mix of B class movies and video clips will be screened in the unique interior of the Butterfly building – another attraction of this year’s festival.


The Chorea Theater prepared for the spectators a spectacle “I-God” which will try to answer questions about spiritual and final questions by reaching to the little-known part of Jerzy Grotowski’s artistic activity. The acting duo of Tomasz Rodowicz and Joanna Chmielewska will premiere on the long weekend, 21/06 at Art_Inkubator.

We would not be ourselves if we did not take care of the proper evening setting of the festival. This year’s events will be exceptional: Fotofestiwal will celebrate its eighteenth birthday in the garden of the Book Art Museum, and the program will feature an audiovisual performance and tour around the building. We will spend the halfway time at P29 with slide shows selected by the prestigious Lens Culture magazine and the Paris Circulations festival, and we will end the Niebostost festival with the Supernatural slide show prepared by independent curator Emre Kuheylan. This evening we will dance to the rhythms of the Warsaw Głębokie Pasmo collective. But this is not the end. In the former library, in the building closed for 5 years on Sienkiewicza 21, the former headquarters of the Institute of German and Romanian Studies and at the Lodz University, there will be a photofestival editon of Jazztko, one of the most popular parties dedicated to vinyl funk sounds. This evening (14.06) you will be able to move your legs also by exploring the building in search of slide shows in the former lecture halls and exhibitions in the former offices of University employees.

We will also take care of proper rest. In the so-called long weekend (23.06) for anyone who doesn’t decide to leave the city, a windfall associated with the tradition of grilling: Foto-grill in the festival center Art_Inkubator. And for the supporters of a more alternative relaxation: Fortune-telling, which is an informal meeting with tea and a meal with the festival’s organizers. 20.06 we invite everyone who is willing to talk about the very past edition and plan an even better meeting of photography with the audience in 2020.
See you soon!



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