18.06.2019 Movie time

Biographies of the masters of photography, movies combining documents and computer animations, amazing personalities, fascinating stories, films-not-films of glued together memories and afterimages of our childhood….

We have prepared a program full of surprising and unusual film works of Polish and foreign directors. In the end, photography and film very often meet each other, and images wield the power to transfer the supernatural from the sphere of myths and dogmas into the pop-culture’s orbit.

Look what you can find in our program:

Candy wraps…, by S. Czyżewski, M. Gołąb, Poland 2018, 53′, premiere
18.06 (Tue), 7:00 PM, show in Polish
Art_Incubator, theatre room
A film journey along the roads marked out by Zofia Rydet during her photographic journeys.
A conversation after years with the heroes of the artist’s photography, photography critics and photographs.

Photon, by Norman Leto, Poland 2017, 107′, free entrance
25.06 (Tue), 7:00 PM, Polish language version
Motyl UŁ, Sienkiewicza 21, room 313 on the third floor
The film is a visualization of human knowledge about the evolution and origin of life. It describes the process of creating matter using a fictionalized story that presents scientific theories and processes taking place in the universe.

Looking for Jesus, by Katarzyna Kozyra, Poland 2017, 73′
27.06 (Thu), 7:00 PM, Polish language version
Art_Incubator, theatre hall
Katarzyna Kozyra’s latest project, of which starting point is the so-called Jerusalem syndrome –
an acute delusional disorder, described in medicine only in the second half of the 20th century.

Mould – how long can you pretend that nothing is happening?, by Moryc Helms, 69′, black comedy, age category: 18+
28.06. (Fri), 9:30 PM
Motyl UŁ, column room, 1st floor, Sienkiewicza 21
This will be definitely the weirdest event of the Fotofestiwal. Mould is a remix of fragments from
B-class horror movies and afterimages from old VHS tapes.

Detailed description of the movies >>HERE<<


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