Threads and weaves, group show

Threads and weaves are on the one hand the basis of fabric construction, decide its materiality and strength, and on the other hand can affect the course and quality of life of the individual.

The exhibition was organized by pedagogues and friends of the Department of Photography and Multimedia of the Faculty of Visual Arts at Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz:
Anita Osuch, Dagmara Bugaj, Marek Domański, Agnieszka Chojnacka, Dominika Sadowska, Maciej Rawluk, Michał Jankowski, Maciej Bohdanowicz, Artur Chrzanowski, Łukasz Ogórek&Małgorzata Górska-Ogórek, Anna Bąk&Weronika Bet

Thread and weave are the basis of fabric construction; they determine its materiality and durability. On the other hand, plexuses of various circumstances and threads of fate connect people, influence their life choices or impose existential answers. They undoubtedly have an impact on the quality of our lives at their every stage, evoking echoes and memories.

Works presented as part of the exhibition are an interpretation of these topics. These are visual stories locked in a context of correlation, entanglement, coincidences or decisions; stories that may arise from personal experiences, or may be but glimpses of everyday life. Sometimes, these individual or collective experiences contain an extraordinary, even supernatural aspect that remains outside of our control and escapes our understanding – but once materialised, it can become a fetish or an amulet. Sometimes, those intricate plexuses of fate, those freely weaving threads and chains of events twist into knots that are impossible to untangle.

Opening: 18.05, 4:00 PM
Location: 282 Piotrkowska Street, Central Museum of Textiles
Opening hours: 18.05-21.07, Tue, Wed, Sun 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Th, Fri, Sat 12:00 AM-7:00 PM
Curatorial tour and meeting with artists: 30.06, 3:00 PM


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