Brunch with photo books

Meeting in a casual atmosphere with book authors and publishers.

All this festival hustle and bustle might be slightly overwhelming. For this precise reason, we’ve arranged a shared peaceful brunch for you, our artists and photobooks’ authors. Following authors will present their work:

Sem Langendijk, photographer and lecturer at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague will talk about the role of photographic books in the teaching process and the most interesting publications created by students of this prestigious Dutch university. The presentation will also be attended by students who will present BAOBAB, a magazine published by the students, serving as a medium for the presentation of their work, including the newly released number 3.

Igor Pisuk will present his book “Deceitful Reverence” – an exceptional presentation of the meanders of the human internal transformation. Pisuk leads us through the painful process of getting out of alcohol addiction, discovering a new self, dealing with the surrounding reality, seeking the closeness of other man, and – finally – finding love. Everything is embellished with unusually suggestive photographs, showing human nature with no embarrassment.

“Deceitful Reverence”
Igor Pisuk
Text: Agata Pyzik
Design: Aneta Kowalczyk
Publisher: Blow Up Press
November 2018

Maciej Jeziorek will launch his book “Message”. Photos for the project were created during two trips to India – New Delhi and Mumbai. They are a visual interpretation of the first, written in Polish, letter from India, authored by Krzysztof Pawłowski (1596). Photographs were created in 2018 and together with fragments of Pawłowski’s letter are the subject of a 96-page book “Message”. Up to now in Poland probably no book publication has been created with pictures for viewing in cross-viewing. It’s an unusual technique to watch stereo-pair images without additional optical devices.

Maciej Jeziorek
April 2019


Katarzyna Gębarowska, one of the authors of the book “Kobiety Fotonu” (Women of Foton) will talk about the fascinating story of the photochemical factory in Bydgoszcz called Foton where most of the crew were women. They built the post-war legend of Polish analog photography, the success of the largest producer of paper for black&white and color photography. Chemists, lab technicians, accountants add their personal stories to the official history of Foton. They talk with passion about professional choices, the situation of women in industry, as well as about love and marriages tied in the photographic darkroom. Their voices are joined by outstanding female photographers – Teresa Gierzyńska, Jolanta Marcolla and Natalia LL, who worked on Foton materials for several decades.

“Kobiety Fotonu”
Authors: Małgorzata Czyńska, Katarzyna Gębarowska
Publisher: Farbiarnia

Simone Sapienza (Grand Prix finalist and participant of Futures residency in Lodz in in 2018) will present his newest book. “Charlie surfs on Lotus Flowers” depicts post-war Vietnam through a sequence of metaphorical responses to its current Hollywoodian limbo between the rise of the free-market economy and the Communist only-one Party that still rule with uncontested power since the end of the war, disappointing the hope of a democratic and free country. Despite this, Vietnam is peopled by a young and energetic population, the country is likely to become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies – the next Asian Tiger – still ruled with undisputed order and control, yet eager to ride the wave of economic freedom.

“Charlie surfs on Lotus Flowers”
Simone Sapienza
Publisher: AKINA

Presentations will be in English or Polish and will not be translated.

Start: 12:00/16.06

Miejsce: Art_Inkubator, courtyard


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