Sirius Arts Centre presents two works by French photographer Charlie Jouvet opening Friday 4 of February 7:00pm Cobh, County Cork


Sirius Arts Centre
Cobh County Cork

Two Works by Charlie Jouvet
Geheimnisträger – The Bearers of Secrets
The Pier

Opening Friday 4 February 7:00pm
Special Guest Opening Speaker: Krzysztof Candrowicz, Director of the Łódź International Photography Festival, Poland

As part of a programme of photographic events in Cork City and County running in February organised by Sirius and numerous arts organizations.

French photographer, based in Berlin Charlie Jouvet presents two works in the Sirius Galleries. In Geheiminsträger, he reveals what he sees as traces of the past reflected in the present.

In Central Europe during World War II, humanity experienced an unprecedented point of fusion in its history which showed that it carried within itself the seeds of its own destruction. In turn, as many have said or demonstrated, this moment opened up a time in which every life and every act of creation now has another value. This work is an attempt to say that although this epoch is growing distant and slowly disappearing from our sight, it nonetheless still exists. It remains, but in other ways. The worlds is not the same anymore, it stores its own experience and has recorded that moment when its own energy was fractured

“I want to reveal this past that rises to the surface and permeates our present, making it what it is today. The past that Primo Levi described when he spoke of the end of the concentration camps: “The Ghost army still lingering there was composed of Geheimnisträger, the bearers of secrets…” I want to find these images, these bearers of secrets”

Included in this exhibition is an additional body of photographs made by Jouvet while on an artist residency in the Sirius Arts Centre in December 2009. “ The Pier” reflects the artist’s impressions of the town as he roamed about photographing with a crude plastic camera. These dreamlike images carry within them the echoes of the past and present.

Charlie Jouvet has been exhibited in France, Poland, Moldova, Switzerland and Germany. This is his first solo exhibition in Ireland

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Krzystof Candrowicz is in Ireland with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland

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