Lucia Stráňaiová

born in 1987, Bratislava, Slovakia, where she currently lives

Grand Parents (2008)

Lucia Stráňaiová focuses on the inner world of people – through the camera, she tries to record something abstract, non-objective, and something which is hard to grasp. This approach is marked in the series Grand Parents (2008), in which she sought to report on the relationship of her grandparents through twelve photographs – without unnecessary sentiment, pathos, or narration. She delves under the surface of their long marriage with the shots of the body with its structure, intimate gesture and soft face – the constructive element of the photographs. Through this corporality, the viewers discover the emotional layers of the conjugal bond – they have the opportunity to find out where an emotional connection between two people has moved under the influence of diverse factors. Strength and value lie in the combination of various photographic formats within a precise and reasoned installation, which gives expression to the whole cycle in a significant manner.

/Michaela Paštéková/

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