15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date!

PHOTO MATCH 2022 started!

Fotofestiwal calls for a one of a kind Portfolio Review. After several successful editions, we are coming back to our live and surprising formula in 2022. The submissions for this year’s PHOTO-MATCH – a completely different portfolio review are now open! If you would like to participate and introduce your work to our reviewers, submit until the 12th of May. 

PHOTO MATCH’s model breathes new life into the traditional formula of portfolio reviews through placing a special emphasis on the series of open networking events and public presentations. PHOTO MATCH is based on a democratic, inclusive model and it’s free of charge. 

PRESENTATIONS +  MATCHING  10th of June 11:00AM – 3:30PM CET
It’s a day dedicated for everyone attending to introduce themselves, their work and practice through short presentations. Based on these introductions you will then choose 2 curators you would like to meet with, additionally you will also be chosen by 2 other curators who’d like to see your work. Plus 2 sessions of free matching in the end, which means each participant will have 6 meetings the next day.

DAY TWO: MEETINGS 11th of June 11:00AM – 3:30PM CET
The real deal! All participants attend private meetings held accordingly with the timetable generated based on your choices. Every photographer and reviewer attends 4 meetings at the most, 2 of which they’ve arranged themselves. PHOTO MATCH will conclude with 2 open sessions, informal gatherings of all participants who can enjoy some conversation with someone previously not available.

The application consists of:
1. An application form filled online (link available HERE).
2. A preview of 10 photographs from the project you would like to present during the review sent in a JPG or PNG format, preferred size 1920 px length, in a separate email to portfolio@fotofestiwal.com until May 12th 2022, titled: PHOTO MATCH APPLICATION FIRST NAME LAST NAME. Files should not exceed 10 MB in total.

19.04.2022 – open-call starts + list of reviewers
12.05.2022 – deadline for submissions
18.05.2022 – announcement of the final list of participants
10.06.2022 – DAY ONE: PRESENTATIONS+MATCHING! | Art_Inkubator, 3 Tymienieckiego St., Łódź
11.06.2022 – DAY TWO: MEETINGS! | Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź / Łódź City Culture Park, 282 Piotrkowska St., Łódź

The list of reviewers posted below includes magazine editors, book publishers, photography festivals’ directors, museum curators, gallery owners, independent art consultants:

Agata Stoinska D-Light Studios
Arianna Rinaldo  PhEST
Curatorial Team Krakow Photomonth
Erik Vroons  GUP Magazine
Estefânia Almeida Adorna Gallery
Evita Goze  Kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga
Irina Dumitrascu Magurean  Camera Cluj
Jeanne Mercier  Independent curator
Katerina Radchenko  Odesa Photo Days
Marina Paulenka  Fotografiska Berlin
Martin Breindl  FLUSS
Martin Fojtek Fotografic Gallery
Michał Adamski Pix.house
Nina Kassianou  Return 2 Ithaca
Nina & Marcin Giba  Rybnicki Festiwal Fotografii
Sebastian Vaida  Photo Romania Festival
Sophie Haslinger  Kunst Haus Wien
Veronica Daltri  Internazionale Magazine
Wiktoria Michałkiewicz  REZO Agency & Willas Contemporary