15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date! 15-25.06.2023 Fotofestiwal 2023 - save the date!

Second week of the festival!

The opening weekend of the festival is behind us, but there is still a lot to see and experience: vernissages, curatorial tours. arranging artistic puzzles, a dance party with curators, coordinators and producers behind a DJ and… organized doing nothing! The photo festival continues.

For a slight transition from the festival weekend to the reality of the second week, we suggest watching a photos from past events: HERE. Anyone who is ready for more cultural stimuluses should prepare a calendar, because somehow once again we prepared a lot for you.

On Tuesday, we invite you to the vernissages of the City Program to Wozownia 11 and the Łódź Photographic Society. On Wednesday we will spend some time at the Book Art Museum. There, we encourage you to bring your favorite items. The artist Joanna Dyba would like to see the things you cannot get rid of for years, for some, often incomprehensible reasons. They will be scanned, given back to the faithful owners, and then their digital representation will be displayed in the gazebo’s garden space. Apply to participate in the campaign at mundanecollectibles@fotofestiwal.com. At 22:00, another event accompanying the exhibition “Happy Death of Images” – a film screening of João Ferro Martins “fatto di sottile sfumatura di rumore [made of the softest shade of volume]”.

Fotofestiwal also invites you to the long Corpus Christi weekend. In the festival center, you will be able to play badminton or ping-pong while watching the exhibitions and reflecting on the communities. On Thursday evening in partnership with Polówka and Fuzja – a screening of one of the most critically acclaimed horror films of recent years will take place: “Midsommar” directed by Ari Aster. This is a genre approach to the festival and its darker face: a community turning into a dangerous cult. The location of the show itself will provide additional impressions: the old boiler room in the Fuzja investment.

On Saturday, we encourage you to see the exhibitions from the Main Program with their curators, and then dance to DJ sets of the same people who told you so beautifully about their work. DISKO ZAKVAS is a music collective established during the editing of last year’s exhibitions. A unique DJ collective, composed of curators, producers and specialists of all kinds in the field of cultural events. It was only a matter of time before they got in for a DJ, and once they got in, they couldn’t get out. As for the age of 30+ and representatives of their cognitive bubble, they are drawn towards world music, 80’s and conservative techno. They are characterized by their colorful costumes and the fact that they keep discovering new functions of buttons on the DJ table. This makes their parties even more unpredictable, and the music carries us until the morning… They will play on June 18 in Niebostan.

For fans of less dynamic entertainment, we recommend the Book Art Museum, where between 12.00 and 16.00 you will be able to compose original puzzles together with artist Basia Budniak, the initiator of the action “I’m not a robot / Why pictorial CAPTCHA makes me feel mean?” .

We also have something for enthusiasts of doing absolutely nothing! The Active Gallery has perversely interpreted the festival’s slogan: “Sometimes community, solidarity and support consist in withdrawing from the act and enabling others to do so”. That is why they invite you to an empty space for an ordinary meeting, and the budget of the unrealized exhibitions will be given to the Ukrainian artist announced that day.

At 7.00 p.m. the experience still quite static, but strongly stimulating the blood circulation. We are returning to the somewhat dilapidated convention of the movie discussion club, and this is due to the film that is impossible not to talk about. “The Last Knights of the Right” is an important and bold film by Michał Edelman about the Łódź branch of ONR – their activities are shown from the perspective of the members of the association, which we get to know from a completely different perspective than before. At the screening of student etudes of the Film School in Łódź, we will also see the documentary “Breath” by Daria Kasperek.

And then… another week of the festival! See you later.



11:00 – 20:00 ART_INKUBATOR, Tymienieckiego 3
11:00 – 20:00 OFF PIOTRKOWSKA, Piotrkowska 138/140
11:00 – 20:00 BOOK ART MUSEUM, Tymienieckiego 24
12:00 – 17:00 MUSUEM OF THE CITY OF ŁÓDŹ, Ogrodowa 15

ph. Łukasz Szeląg