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Futures Talents 2021

Futures Photography is an international photography platform created in 2018 by 10 European galleries, photography festivals and museums. Each year, each institution invites 5 artists who take part in a series of events to support their professional development and promote their creativity.

Futures includes slide shows, portfolio reviews, lectures, masterclasses, exhibitions, publications and websites. During a series of individual meetings, the artists also discuss their current projects. The following were invited to participate in Futures 2021:

Karolina Ćwik (Poland)
Yulia Krivich (Poland / Ukraine)
Maxim Sarychau (Belarus)
Bartłomiej Talaga (Poland)
Milena Soporowska (Poland)

Below you will find information about the artists!

Karolina Ćwik is visual artist based in Poland. Her projects are like intimate diaries, in which she documents her experience of being a mother and an artist. She is a student of the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava (the Czech Republic), winner of the PDN Emerging Photographer, last year’s laureate of the Konrad Pustoła’s Remembrance Scholarship, winner of the Sputnik Photos Project titled “As you can see”. Her works have been published e.g. in The Calvert Journal,, FK magazine.


Yulia Krivich is a visual artist, curator in Za*Grupa and activist, born in Ukraine, currently based in Warsaw. In her work, she explores issues related to identity, combining elements of activism with personal histories. Her interests include topics related to Eastern Europe and migration. Yulia works with photography and public space. Graduated from the Department of Architecture of the State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (2010) in Dnipro (Ukraine) and from the Faculty of Media Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Poland). She was a participant of the Pla(t)form at the Fotomuseum in Winterthur, Switzerland (2018) and nominated for the Pinchuk Art Center Prize for Young Artists in Ukraine (2018) with her “Daring & Youth project”, recipient of the Solidarity Grant of Krytyka Polityczna (2020) as part of curatorial trio ZA*grupa and is one of the recipients of the Scholarship Program of Warsaw City in 2021.


Maxim Sarychau is a visual artist and photojournalist, based in Minsk, Belarus. He works on long-term visual projects on the edge of photography, journalism and art. He deals with the topics of violence of various forms and grades, both from authoritarian regimes and within traditional society. He focuses on political and human dimensions of collective memory and history. Maxim is a co-founder of SHKLO – online platform about Belarusian photography and visual arts. From 2020 he is a member of Inland – international cooperative of 13 photographers. Maxim’s work has been shown in group and solo exhibitions including shows at the Latvian Museum of Photography (2020, Riga), Kasarna Karlin (2018, Prague) and CECH (2017, Minsk). He was published in Wall Street Journal, Stern Crime, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Courrier International, Meduza, The Telegraph, Le Monde Diplomatique among others.


Visual and sound artist based in Łódź (Poland). In his artistic work, he uses photography, sound, video, installation. His exhibitions are site-specific. His artistic work is closely related to the technological workshop, experimentation and the search for suitable means of expression to communicate content. He is interested in the interpenetration of the fields of art, where sound, image and space can provoke impulses through which intuition complements logical thinking – where the exposure to a work of art builds the experience of art. Bartłomiej Talaga is a graduate of and teacher at the Film School in Łódź. In his work, he shares his own experience with students and focuses on the purposefulness and legitimacy of gestures that lead to personal and authentic expression. He is also a co-founder of the TON magazine ( and a designer of photography books.


Milena Soporowska is a visual artist based in Poland. Her work explores, among other things, the intertwining of everyday life with magic and the occult, questioning the concept of home as a safe, familiar haven. She is interested in the combination of alternative medicine and psychoanalysis, and the overlap between Christianity, esotericism and folk spirituality. She graduated in Art History, presenting her master’s thesis on the influence of spiritualistic and mediumistic photography on art in the light of Freud’s category of unheimlich. She also studied photography, museology and psychotronics. Moreover, Milena is a graduate of the Sputnik Photos mentoring programme.


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