11.04.2019 Supernatural – festival theme

This year, the festival will last almost three weeks, from 13 to 30 June. We are already pleased to announce the theme of this year’s edition: Supernatural.

he upcoming 18th edition of the festival encourages you to delve into the supernatural aspects of existence and reality, as well into the purely speculative and hypothetical phenomena that defy explanation based on the purely empirical evidence. What does the supernatural stand for? How can we make sense of reality while departing from the scientifically validated knowledge and senses? We will present eight exhibitions in the main festival center Art_Inkubator, dedicated to theme Supernatural.

Fotofestiwal 2019 presents the juxtaposition of the human experience pertaining to the intangible, spiritual, sensory and esoteric with the cerebral and scientific outlook on the world and its depictions in photography. Is our most beloved medium capable of making the invisible visible?

More info about the theme and presented exhibitions you can find>>HERE<<. And soon we will present another parts of our programme – stay tuned!

The key visual of this year edition is prepared by Progressivo.

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