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The works presented at the exhibition directly or indirectly refer to what is commonly referred to the spirit, spirituality understood as the above-rational state of experience of the essence of existence or reality perceived as the antithesis or opposition to the material order.

The artistic approach and solution to this issue is manifested in a manner that is adequate to the implementation of the ideas adopted by the artists. Examples of these attitudes are the works of Marta Grochowska and Adam Skórzewski; although they flow from various motivations, they directly refer to the eschatological reality. Annihilation, and therefore conscious dying, is the performance of Monika Kamińska, who symbolically deprives her spiritual empowerment from the materiality of the image. Ida Kwasnica during the almost four-year spectacle of mystifying her person in social media, which is in fact a painful reversal of the humanistic order of the primacy of spirit over matter (in the final of the project the exterior of material senses is discredited, and spirit and art regain their rightful position in the world of values). The inner controversy between altruistic love and egoism and the lack of affirmation (but also self-affirmation) is an idea taken by Karolina Planik and Jan Mikołajek. Quasi-religious self-portraits of Adriana Misiek, stylistically directly referring to the imaging of saints with the props they belong to, refer the viewer to the reality that hides behind the performances – and these contest the material status of the physicality of the human person. Aleksandra Anzorge also refers to the issue of moral nature. Daniel Kusak, through the image of the materiality of the body gesture, indicates love as the principle of existence. Monika Lelonek invites the recipient of his work to illustrate the internal reality that makes the world of matter valuable.

Opening: 15.06, 6:20 PM
Place: 18 Traugutta Street, Imaginarium Gallery, Łódzki Dom Kultury
Opening hours: 15.06-30.06, Tue-Fri 2:00-6:00 PM, Sat-Sun 12:00 AM-6:00 PM, 20.06 - closed
Curatorial tour: 29.06, 6:00 PM


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