Allan Dransfield, Sheep Dogs of The North Pole / Pineapple A La Mode

"Pineapple A La Mode". In 1986, German couple Mr & Mrs Machleb went on holiday to Thailand. This is an exhibition of their vacation.

“Sheep Dogs of The North Pole”. An amalgamation of photographic mediums, colours, textures and moments in time, stitched together to form a still life as a visual description of synchronicity. Born accidentally one foggy Saturday morning in Łódź.

Allan Dransfield (b.1981) is a British designer, photographer and multi-media artist. He holds an Mdes from Coventry University and after working internationally as a car designer for more than a decade, in 2017 founded – a platform crossing over between ethnology and the arts, exploring new creative territories through interdisciplinary collaborations. Allan is currently based in Łódź, Poland.

Opening:15.06, 8:00 PM
Location: 24 Tymienieckiego Street, Book Art Museum
Opening hours: 15.06-26.06, 11:00 AM-6:00 PM, 20.06: closed


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