„ja, bóg” Performance

"JA-BÓG" - an innovative theater project reaching to the uncharted and little-known part of Jerzy Grotowski's artistic activity.

„ja, bóg” performance is a very interesting and innovative theater project, because it refers to the unexplored and little-known part of Jerzy Grotowski’s artistic activity, at the same time touching his most important personal issues.

The „ja, bóg” performance is an intimate story about the most important way of Grotowski’s exploration in the theater and in life. He touches his most spiritual questions. The duet Tomasz Rodowicz and Joanna Chmielecka set this spectacle in the perspective of seeking answers to the most important question that a human being can ask – for the existence / non-existence of a god. How to know what is unknowable? How can you look at the “other side”? The acting duo plays these questions on basic opposites / poles: life-death, man-woman, god-man, health-illness, youth-old age.

Start: 22.06, 7 PM

Miejsce: Art_Inkubator, theater room


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