Educational zone

The Educational Zone is a multimedia exhibition expanding on the main program of the festival. A place to read books, relax, and talk about philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics, exotic cultures, and spiritual practices.

Educational zone was created in cooperation with the University of Łódź and Obszar Wspólny.

Location: Art_Inkubator, building C, foyer, ground floor

16.06, 4 PM Opening debate: Dimensions of Modern Spirituality, participants: dr Mariusz Bartosiak (University of Łódź) Małgorzata Charyton, Szymon Niemiec, dr Tomasz Sieczkowski (University of Łódź), Natalia Giedryś

17.06, 6 PM Why Do We Want Believe in the Impossible? Marcin Napiórkowski CANCELLED 

18.06, 6 PM Presentation of unpublished (Pre)Sociological Record, Zofia Rydet Photo Notes and a meeting about the book Zofia Rydet, Years 1978-2018

18.06, 7 PM The premiere of a documentary film about Zofia Rydet, Candy wraps…/Papierki z cukierków… (S. Czyżewski, M. Gołąb, Poland 2018, 53’)

19.06, 6 PM  Diet and Cultural Taboos of the Asháninka, dr Monika Kujawska, the University of Łódź

26.06, 6 PM Shall we drive the temple traders away? Capitalism and sacrum in Medjugorie, prof. Ewa Nowina-Sroczyńska, the University of Łódź
Ada Florentyna Pawlak’s interview with Prof. Ewa Nowina-Sroczyńska. An anthropological perspective on the “holy cities” functioning in the spirit of capitalism.

28.06, 6 PM Secular Sanctity and Saint Secularity, prof. Tomasz Majewski

28.06, 8 PM listening: Ritual Music of Sub-Saharan Tribes in Africa, Paweł Sokołowski


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