20.06.2018 What’s happenin’ in da town?

This year’s edition abounds in events outside festival centers. Look around carefully while walking down Piotrkowska Street, go out for an evening walk and explore the backyards in the city center, look for photos around you, even during a visit to the shopping center. Here is a list of the most interesting events in the urban space during the upcoming weekend:

NIGHT OF PHOTOGRAPHY – 22.06 (Friday), from 22:30 to 1:00

Five locations along Piotrkowska Street and there – large-scale photography projections with music. You don’t have to show up at a specific time. Photographic projects selected by Fotofestiwal, Film School and partners from Futures platform will be displayed almost all night. Each of the shows lasts a several dozen minutes, and then – party at Niebostan! More information HERE.

TREE HUGGER – from 21.06 (Thursday) to 24.06 (Sunday)
Find a tree at the Rubinstein Alley and hug it, then see what will happen! The installation Tree Hugger came to us straight from the Festival of Light in Amsterdam, for which it was prepared by the artistic duet Asia Jackowska and Danna van Hasselta. More information HERE.

In Manufaktura, until July 14 you will see photographs of Łódź from the beginning of the XX century. Extracted from the Veolia archive will be compiled with photographs of the same places photographed in 2018. See how our city has changed for a hundred years. More information HERE.

FUSEUM OF MOTOGRAPHY – 22.06 (Friday) 6 pm and 24/06 (Sunday) 12:00
No, it’s not typos. Fuzeum of Motography is an alternative initiative of Vincena Beeckman, whose aim is to promote photography outside exhibition walls. The curator presents artistic projects in small boxes – with the participation of the audience he will talk about the stories closed in them. Join him in Art_Inkubator or on Schiller Square. More information HERE.

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