26.04.2018 Open-call for PHOTO-MATCH: Completely different portfolio review

PHOTO-MATCH’s model, developed by the Fotofestiwal collective, breathes new life into the outdated formula of portfolio reviews through placing a special emphasis on the series of open networking events, public presentations and an equal status granted to the curators as well as artists. Due to a staggering success of the 2017 edition, other international photography festivals have followed suit and expressed interest in incorporating our portfolio review model into their own programme. Meanwhile, Fotofestiwal launches the events’ second edition in June.

PHOTO-MATCH entails the artists’ face-to-face meetings with the reviewers (curators, editors, gallery owners etc.) over a span of two days. Prior to those meetings, every participant and reviewer gives a presentation in English about their core interests and art practice. The session is open to all artists, reviewers and general public. Based on the presentations, the artists can now make a fully informed decision about the three experts they want to meet in person to discuss their work or a given art project. Private meetings are scheduled for the following day and may last no more than 25 minutes each. As a result, artists are offered a unique chance to consult their art projects with some of the most renown experts in photography. Reviewers draw invaluable inspiration from a direct exchange of ideas with brand-new talents. Whereas, a wide audience gains an unprecedented insight into the inner workings of professional cultural organizations, and photographers’ creative process. Additionally, both curators and artists can gain some practice in the art of delivering a presentation about oneself.

Twenty reviewers and twenty photographers will be invited to participate in PHOTO-MATCH.

A full list of reviewers, more info about the event and the application process can be found HERE.


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