Katarzyna Maluga, I begin by not photographing

Katarzyna Maluga

The phrase once said by Jeff Wall places a burden of photographic act to the process of The Photography itself.

I begin by not photographing

The phrase once said by Jeff Wall places a burden of photographic act to the process of The Photography itself. Starting with a thought and emotion, throughout knowledge and observation, until presentation and meeting with an object placed in intended space. Ever since I can remember, photography has been not only a part of my life, but also a way of seeing, perceiving the reality, plunging into relationship, reading and communicating. It is a way of thinking and a way of spiritual practice. An act of photographing itself came out as a ritual, a certain way of self-dissection. Full of contradictions, but apparently knows me better than myself. I decided to take a step back, to examine it. So here is a swip-swap of our roles: I am becoming medium of Photography. I let it out, so that it can speak for itself. This project is between two medium connected by a need of exploring Photography and my intimate relations beyond it.

Katarzyna Maluga (b.1992) comes from Lublin (Poland) and deals with multimedia and visual art. She uses: photography, video- performance, dance, installation. Maluga graduated of The Warsaw School of Photography (2012) and is currently studying at Lodz Film School (2012 – 2018). Interested in a game between a viewer and an artwork, a relationship between images, role of an artist. She analyses border between documentation and artwork, relationship between image and reality. Through the medium of photography, she is trying to bring the realm of the spirituality and misticism and realization of her own work remains a form of meditation. She received a scholarship from the Minister of Science and Higher Education (2014/2015), and of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2015/2016). Maluga presented her works at solo and group exhibitions; among others in Beijin, Berlin, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 6×7 Gallery Leica in Warsaw the MWW Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, The Poster Museum at Wilanow, The Film Museum in Lodz, Museum of The History of Lublin, the Pauza Gallery in Cracow, Videonews in Labirynt Gallery in Lublin.

Opening: 22.06, 17:00

Place: Szklarnia II Gallery, Film School in Lodz, Nowe Media building, I floor, Targowa 61/63 St

Opening hours: 23.06-30.08., Monday-Friday: 10-20


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