Ci.CLO Platform of Photography, Unity and Division

João Monteiro, Fruta Feia

This is an exhibition of photographs, that is of images in physical form, by those who shared the same paths over a one-year period. Those taking part in this Ci.CLO – by which is meant a cycle of things, of photography, of actions – are showing here what we refer to as the culmination of a process.

It is a process which may initially seem to be an individual one, but which nonetheless represents a collaboration. These photographers encountered one another at the Ci.CLO Photography Platform. The place where, with the help of mentoring, they developed photography projects through painstaking efforts featuring an experimental inter-disciplinary approach. The group dynamic and the individual imaginations were awakened and discussed by guests from different fields of photography as well as from other disciplines (geography, psychology, theatre…). The context was one of multi-disciplinary enrichment, technical and artistic consolidation. On rereading Pierre Bourdieu in his book Sociology in Question, 1992, we remember his famous quotation that, If the sociologist has a role to play, it lies more in providing weapons than giving lessons. In consequence, we ask ourselves, what should the roles of the photographer and the photography teacher be? The Ci.CLO platform as a learning environment, in addition to providing weapons, adapts to its participants. It is flexible, reactive and innovative in terms of paradigms, and contents. The artistic proposals that result from the process reflect the evolution of every individual and culminate in what is characterised by the desired diversity of projects, themes, methodologies and techniques. The title, Unity and Division, reflects how individuals find their role, how they discover their place in the group and how this discovery not only consolidates the insights, but also leads on to new ones. If this exhibition brings one cycle to an end, it is so that others will soon start.


Ci.clo is an independent organisation dedicated to research, training and experimentation in photography as well as interacting with other artistic, social and environmental studies.

The Platform provides artists with the opportunity to meet regularly to discuss ongoing photography projects, develop their work both artistically and professionally as well as providing a regular training programme, artistic residencies, exhibitions and debates. Working with a small group of artists during one year, Ci.clo provides personalised training and mentorship with a view to stimulating dynamic sharing of creative processes, ideas and artistic strategies, operating as a photography study center outside the traditional academy environment.

The exhibition, resulting from the work developed by the artists during the residencies and training lab, will go on display nationally and internationally in collaboration with museums, galleries and festivals in Europe and the USA.

Opening: 02.06: 18.00


Exhibtion opena: 03.06-11.06, Tue-Fri: 14.00-18.00, Sat-Sun: 12.00-18.00


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