The Energy of Time – 110 years of the power industry in Łódź

Wiktor Jekimenko, from the Veolia Archive

Thanks to unique photographs from the “Veolia Archive”, we learn about EC1 almost from the first days of its existence. We see how it changes, how it blends into the landscape of industrial Lodz. We witness the beginning of power production and further expansion of the facility. We observe efforts of power engineers from Łódź, who work on electrification of the city. Their faces show pride and satisfaction with a well-accomplished mission. It is thanks to them, thanks to the EC1 power plant and electrical energy provided to factories that Łódź could flourish so dynamically.

All of this was documented with admirable persistence and curiosity by the photographer Wiktor Jeimenko. This is how a priceless collection of photographs was created, now being in the archive of the Veolia Energia Łódź company – a provider of system heat and a continuator of the history of Łódź power industry. The collection comprises over 2000 glass negatives, and its elements are subsequently revealed.

This time, on one of the walls by the Schiller Alley (Aleja Schillera), we are going to present an audiovisual show. A large-format audiovisual presentation, consisting of over 80 partially animated photographs and specially selected music will take us for a journey back in time to the unique Łódź of the 1920s and 1930s.

Time and duration: 9 June, 21:30, the show will be presented until 23:30
Place: Leona Schiller's Alley (close to Piotrkowska)


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