Miklos Suranyi

Ghost Science

Ghost and science – in German, the combination of these two words is an expression of liberal arts. In English and Hungarian, however, they refer to the chaotic, mystic and inexplicable field of the esoteric. This is the world of dowsing rods, Jesus Christ in a slice of bread, and Michael Jackson’s ghost whooshing away in a video. My photo series is closer to this denotation: it is a playful ghosthunting, where I balance on the thin line of the real and unreal, discernible and visualizable, which is a characteristic attribute of photography.

In the series, tactile traces refer to absent things. These remains invoke a strange ghostly detective story, because the photos are revived as parts of a rather inextricable system, as frames of a jerky road movie. Looking at the pictures, we might have the feeling as if we were following ghosts. Furthermore, we notice the traces of events which had already happened before the shots were taken. Through this, they are always going to remain incomprehensible for the present. And if we take belatedness as the ultimate position of the receiver, it becomes not a road-, but rather a chase movie, where the escapee slips away from us, the pursuers.

Miklos Suranyi

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