Gabor Kasza

Everyday Abstractions

In abstract expressionism, painter’s own expression and energy is projected onto canvas, whereas I am inspired by natural forces and the eroding stress of time passing by. The unconscious activities of people resulting in abstract forms is also inspiring for me, although they lack the intention of creating, regardless of if they were meant to destroy or build. A photo image cannot easily avoid being objective, as it is its tool. I’m interested in the borderline, where reality and abstraction stay open in both directions.

In the Everyday Abstractions set, I search for and collect abstract shapes in my very environment of everyday life. I examine shapes and signs which one can meet several times a day, various details which seem to be unimportant. As they become the subject of a photo, they are lifted from their original context and transferred onto the ground of art. These abstract forms, first deprived of objectiveness, can later be puzzled out by longer introspection. The beholder receives two opposite impressions: abstraction and reality. A private territory, a mental landscape is slowly framing up.

Gabor Kasza

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