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Lukasz Szelag

We can’t wait to share it with you! This year’s edition of Fotofestiwal takes place between 21 June and 01 July. We’ve

prepared exhibitions, a film programme and an educational programme which are all focused on relations between man and nature.

Nature is one of the classical themes in photography. However, is it now – in the era of global warming and the mass extinction of species – photographed in a different way? With a view to incorporate a currently hot discussion on the development of environmental awareness into our festival, we invited to the main Fotofestiwal programme such artists and curators who not only document the influence of civilization on the environment, but also examine the relationship between man and nature from the point of view of aesthetics and power. They draw our attention global problems, or tell local stories. For us, art is the departure point for a discussion which will be enriched with meetings with scientists, sociologists and artists representing various points of view and approaches to ecology.

The exhibitions will present, among others, the renowned photographic project entitled Monsanato – the result of many years of investigation and reporter work regarding the food industry giant, for which Mathieu Asselin was awarded with the prestigious Paris Aperture Prize. We will also present some works of Robert Rient Zao, who for many years has been analysing the complex relationship between man and nature. We will reveal more names of artists soon.

Save the date!

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