Tomasz Wysocki, The Taste of Cherry

Tomasz Wysocki

I lived in a shopping center for 9 months to create a series of 12 photographs

I lived in a shopping center for 9 months to create a series of 12 photographs. 2,000 m2, several thousand liters of water in the pool, a child in the aquarium, dried heathers and dead flies. Dozens of sleepless nights. Over 60 people went through the workshop at that time to create a project with me, for the implementation of which I tried over 3 years. This is an extraordinary story to watch and hear which I invite you to the walls that are her mother. “Taste of Cherry” is a set of 12 staged photographs in a subjective way illustrating the stages of human life, from conception to death. Large-format works will be presented in a special place, because in their natural environment – where they were created, among the photo sets retained in an intact form. In this huge studio, which for the last year was my home, and which after the end of the exhibition will irreversibly change its character. It is also the only chance to see objects made specifically for this cycle, which will probably never be shown due to their space requirements.

Opening: 15.06, 19:30

Place: CH-R Sukcesja, Politechniki 1 St, art workshop, local 0.24, level 0

Opening hours: 16-17.06: 12-20, 21-24.06.: 11-21, 25.06.-01.07.:12-19, 18-20.06. –
exhibition possible to view by phone appointment - 517-465-997


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