The educational area is a unique place in the Fotofestiwal space: a multimedia exhibition extending the main program of the festival, a reading room and a place for active and creative time-spending in one.

It is also a programme of discussions and meetings with experts on the subject of a complex relationship between man and nature in the context of ecology, politics and philosophy. In the educational area, you will learn, among others, how the atmosphere is built and who pollutes it, what are the postulates of climatic marches, how to cook without wasting food, and also watch a special TV channel Antropocen TV. Here you can also write a letter to the climate.

The main partner of the Edu-zone is the University of Lodz.

23.06, 17:30, discussion, Future scenarios: in search of new narratives about climate change,with the participation of Lena Dobrowolska, Teo Ormond-Skeaping (authors of the Future scenarios exhibition), dr. Katarzyna Przepiał-Borysiak, prov. Paweł Szypulski. The partner of the event is the University of Lodz and Greenpeace Poland (discussion in English),

28.06, 17:00, lecture and discussion, The (R)evolution of cities – from sustainability to urban intelligence, dr Dorota Sikora-Fernandez,

29.06, 14:00, lecture, Ecocity. Nature in the city from the residents’ point of view, prof. Jakub Kronenberg and mgr Karolina Koprowska,

29.06, 17:00, lecture and discussion, Smog kills us – how to live?, prof. Witold Ciesielski,

01.07, A day with the idea of ​​Zero Waste and Food Sharing:
13:00 – 16:30 information point, I’m not wasting !, an informal association Zero Waste Łódź
13:00 – 16:30, open cooking workshops, Vege Cuisine for everyone, Dominika Czapska (Meine Schweine)
17:00, workshop discussion Zero Waste for beginners, dr. Agata Rudnicka.


Admission to all events is free, without prior registration.

Exhibitions within the Edu-Zone are located in the building C foyer, in front of the theatre room, Art_Inkubator, 3 Tymienieckiego St. Meetings and workshops take place in the theater hall or in the space of the zone.


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